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"The crew make sure you'll have an exciting day. If you're afraid to jump they will help you on your way..."
The Bouncing Czechs

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NEW and IMPROVED! Dr Jan's tips from the top.

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This site contains a selection of useful bits and pieces from dr jan and friends. Click on one of the headings below to see what's available. Anything you can't click on is an idea for possible future expansion.

Stuff that's really winding me up.
dad - dr jan's acronym decoder
unix scripts - useful scripts and handy hints for unix systems
how it works - how this site is put together (it's lovingly crafted by hand :-)
here is Amanda's page

If you have any comments, suggestions or improvements for this site please email the doctor (homecom at dr-jan dot com). You can see a picture of doctor jan, amongst other stuff, at Chez Dr Jan.


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